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How to make a long-term stable ranking website
Source of information: Hunan Youdu Network Co. , Ltd.Date of release: 2018/4/28 Number of visits: 964
打江山容易,守江山难”这个道理相信大家都明白,很多的从事SEO优化工作的站长或许会觉得提升网站排名很难,可是想要保持辛辛苦苦优化上去的排名更难,网站排名波动性太大,那么怎样让网站的关键词排名更安稳,这 Article guide: It ’s easy to beat the country, but difficult to defend the country. I believe everyone understands that many webmasters who are engaged in SEO optimization may find it difficult to improve the ranking of their websites, but it is more difficult to maintain the rankings that are hard to optimize. Website ranking is too volatile, so how to make the website keyword ranking more stable, this

这个道理相信大家都明白,很多的从事 SEO 优化工作的站长或许会觉得提升网站排名很难,可是想要保持辛辛苦苦优化上去的排名更难,网站排名波动性太大,那么怎样让网站的关键词排名更安稳,这是站长常常考虑的一个问题。其实关于如何稳定关键词的排名, 湘潭优度网络建议大家:做优化时不仅要研究搜索引擎的算法和抓取习惯,更要对优化时的一些技巧进行归纳。 I believe everyone understands that it ’s easy to beat the country, but to keep the country difficult . Many webmasters who are engaged in SEO optimization may find it difficult to improve the ranking of the website. It ’s too sexual, so how to make the website's keyword rankings more stable is a problem that webmasters often consider. In fact, regarding how to stabilize the keyword rankings, Xiangtan Youdu Networks recommends that you not only research the search engine when doing optimization. Algorithms and crawling habits, it is necessary to summarize some of the techniques during optimization.

First, maintain the friend chain at any time
- 文率科技的小编不说,大家也都非常的清楚。 The importance of friendly links to website rankings I believe the editor of Tianjin Website Construction - Wen rate technology, not to mention, everyone is very clear. k 过网站的链接,那么后果可想而知,你的网站必定会收到牵连。 If your website is exchanging high-quality friendship links, then Baidu or Google will naturally give you a higher weight and better ranking. On the contrary, if your website is exchanging some low-quality, or even It ’s Baidu ’s link to the website, so the consequences can be imagined, your website will definitely be implicated. SEO 优化站长,对于友链的维护是时刻保持警惕的,这样做不仅仅是对自己网站负责,同样也对与你合作的网站负责。 Therefore, as a qualified SEO optimization webmaster, you are always vigilant about the maintenance of YouChain. In doing so, you are not only responsible for your own website, but also for the websites you work with.
Second, maintain the website structure and opening speed
There are many factors that affect the stability of a website, such as: website structure, columns, space, etc. These factors will have a certain impact on the stability of the website. Therefore, we must ensure the stability of these factors and do not change the structure of the website at will. Because this will easily cause search engines to review the site, and the instability of space will affect the speed of opening the website, and even cause the website to fail to open directly. These are not only detrimental to search engine spiders, but the most important thing is to reduce The effect of user experience affects website ranking.
3. Strictly check the contents of the station
Although, with the continuous updating of search engine algorithms, the requirements for the quality of the site are getting higher and higher, but the quality of the site is the most important criterion for the search engine to evaluate the website. Website content updates should not only maintain a stable frequency, but also pay attention to the quality of website content. Articles should be changed from the perspective of users. Every day there is new content that can be presented to readers. An original article is naturally the best. In addition, the most important issue here is the issue of update frequency. Maintaining the stability of update frequency will naturally stabilize the keyword rankings on the website.
Fourth, build a reasonable internal chain of the website
SEO 优化中很多的站长都比较看中外链建设,往往会忽视内链,其实内链的重要性与外链一样,有时甚至比外链还要重要,并且在 SEO 优化中网站内链建造途径有很多的,一般站内优化又能够细分为“代码和标签优化”“内容优化”“ URL 优化”,而关于站内优化过程中,代码标签和域名优化,这些在网站开始建设之初就应该着手准备,进行最基本的布局工作。 In the SEO optimization, many webmasters are more optimistic about the construction of external chains, and often ignore the internal chain. In fact, the internal chain is as important as the external chain, and sometimes even more important than the external chain. In the SEO optimization, the website internal chain construction There are many ways. Generally, on-site optimization can be subdivided into "code and tag optimization", "content optimization" and " URL optimization". Regarding the on-site optimization process, code tags and domain name optimization, these should be in the beginning of the website construction Get ready for the most basic layout work.
V. Attention to website security issues
SEO 优化最令站长头疼的就是网站的安全问题,就算你的网站做了很好的防范措施,但是也很那保证百分之百的万无一失,现在的病毒可谓是无孔不入,尤其是木马,黑链一不小心你的网站就有可能中招,因此,作为 SEO 优化站长你必须要时刻关注网站的安全,在做好防范措施之后,还要定期给自己网站备份,这样就算网站被攻击瘫痪,还能够通过备份数据完成对网站的修复。 The biggest headache for webmasters in SEO optimization is the security of the website. Even if your website has taken good precautions, it is also 100% sure. The current virus can be described as all-pervasive, especially Trojan horses, black chain one If you are not careful, your website may be recruited. Therefore, as an SEO optimization webmaster, you must always pay attention to the security of the website. After taking precautions, you must regularly back up your website. In this way, even if the website is paralyzed by an attack, Able to complete the repair of the website by backing up the data.
Robots 文件 Six, reasonable layout of Robots files
Robots 文件不是很清楚,但是长期从事 SEO 优化的站长一定知道 Robots 文件是禁止搜索引擎爬行的文件。 Novices may not be very clear about Robots files, but webmasters who have long been engaged in SEO optimization must know that Robots files are files that prohibit search engine crawling. Robots 文件的状况能够有以下三种: (1) 网站虽然已经上线,但是并没有晚上好,还需要进一步优化 ;(2) 屏蔽某些不想被搜索引擎录入的内容,如版权之类 ;(3) 为了防止网站权重被分散。 In general, the status of the use of Robots files on the website can be as follows: (1) Although the website is online, it is not good at night and needs to be further optimized ; (2) Block certain content that is not intended to be entered by search engines, such as Copyright or the like ; (3) To prevent the weight of the website from being scattered.
SEO 优是个持久战,并非是简单的将网站排名提升到首页就大功告成的,还需要对其检测,维护,改正等事情要做, SEO 是个执行力,是锻炼意志的过程,因为 SEO 需要不断的继续优化的工作,是需要拥有良好的心理素质,需要一定的耐心一直做,小编相信,只要您能经得起磨练,您的网站排名一定可以长久稳定。 In short, SEO excellence is a protracted battle. It is not simply a matter of raising the ranking of a website to the homepage. You also need to detect, maintain, and correct things. SEO is an execution and a process of exercising will, because SEO requires Continuously optimizing work requires a good psychological quality and a certain amount of patience. The editor believes that as long as you can stand the test, your website ranking will be stable for a long time.

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