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What is the biggest bottleneck encountered by SEO optimizers
Source: Hunan Youdu Network Company Date: 2018/4/28 Number of visits: 975
在某问答平台,看到有SEO界的大咖抛出这样一个问题:“从事SEO这个职业以来,你遇到的最大瓶颈是什么?”说实话,乍一看我心里还是咯噔了一下,学历?口才?技术?人脉?管理?资金?等等 Article guide: On a question-and-answer platform, I saw a big coffee in the SEO industry throwing such a question: "What is the biggest bottleneck you have encountered since you started the SEO profession?" To be honest, at first glance I was still a little confused. What about education, eloquence, technology, connections, management, funding, etc.

SEO 界的大咖抛出这样一个问题:“从事 SEO 这个职业以来,你遇到的最大瓶颈是什么 ? ”说实话,乍一看我心里还是咯噔了一下,学历 ? 口才 ? 技术 ? 人脉 ? 管理 ? 资金 ? 等等方面,对于不同的人在某个阶段都会遇到某方面的瓶颈,想想自己,顿时一头黑线,瓶颈已经彻底包围了我,因此湘潭优度网络公司 就想要借本篇文章敲打一下可爱的同行们,给予警醒,彼此共勉 ! On a question-and-answer platform, I saw that a big coffee in the SEO industry throws such a question: " What is the biggest bottleneck you have encountered since you engaged in the SEO profession ? " To be honest, at first glance, I was still a little confused, education In terms of eloquence, technology , connections, management, funding, etc., for different people at certain stages, they will encounter bottlenecks in some aspects. Think of yourself. There is a black line. The bottleneck has completely surrounded me, so Xiangtan You Du Network Company wants to use this article to beat the cute colleagues, to be alert and encourage each other !

I. Educational issues
SEO 这个职业,看似门槛很低,说实话如果坚守把它当作一个职业来做的话,水也很深,话说这个和学历有什么关系呢 ? 正是由于 SEO 门槛不高,稍微一培训即可从某一方面切入,所以一般企业在招这类型职能的人员时,并没有要求那么高的学历,为了规范化,一般大专水平即可,但是随着发展,你会发现,学历多多少少会对你以后的进阶产生一定的副作用,所以好多人在职期间均会选择业余时间报个什么班,来提升自己的学历问题,以备不时之需 ! 毕竟学历也是个人形象包装的一部分,在一些制度相对比较死板的大型公司,晋升体系中学历是不可或缺要考量的一部分,所以别让学历成为你职业生涯中主要的瓶颈。 It seems that the threshold for engaging in SEO is very low. To be honest, if you insist on doing it as a profession, the water is also deep. What does this have to do with education ? It is because the SEO threshold is not high, a little training It can be cut in from a certain aspect, so general companies do not require such a high degree of education when recruiting personnel of this type of function. In order to standardize, a general college level is sufficient, but with development, you will find that there are more or less education It will have certain side effects on your future advancement, so many people will choose what class to report in their spare time during their employment to improve their academic qualifications in case they are needed ! After all, academic qualifications are also part of the personal image packaging. For some large companies with relatively rigid systems, the promotion system of middle school education is an indispensable part to consider, so don't let education become the main bottleneck in your career.
2. Eloquence
SEO 这个职业到一定的阶段之后,你会发现各种职能之间的沟通协调占据了你工作时间很大一部分比重,虽然工作中讲究摆出数据讲事实,有理有据才能站住脚跟,但是并不是所有的事情都可以让你拿出数据画个趋势图或者对比图例,这个时候想要说服你的上司或者投资者,就要有很强的人际交际能力才会生效。 A person has good logical thinking ability, but not necessarily a good language expression ability. After engaging in the SEO profession to a certain stage, you will find that the communication and coordination between various functions occupy a large part of your working time. Proportion, although you pay attention to putting data and facts in your work, you can only stand on ground with reasonable evidence, but not everything can let you draw out the data to draw a trend chart or a comparison legend. At this time, you want to convince your boss or investment In order to take effect, strong interpersonal communication skills are required. ? 总之,不要找借口把自己的口才不行当成障碍,弄清楚自己的不足,就要克服,瓶颈从来都是为那些只想不敢尝试的人设定的。 It is said that a mentor of Xiaobian was a lecturer, and of course, he also did development for many years. He has his own set of practices in various internal coordination of the company, so he went out, opened himself, and shared with his peers. Communication, exercise their communication skills with strangers is very necessary, can be stable and chaotic over time, handle things well, such a person who has both technical skills and coordination and communication skills do not lead, Is it natural ? In short, don't find excuses to use your eloquence as an obstacle, and you must overcome your shortcomings. The bottleneck is always set for those who just want to dare not try.
Third, technical issues
The editor believes that with the popularization of Internet technology, the threshold of technology has become lower and lower. As long as you have ideas, ideas, and good business models, even if you do not understand technology, you can also find some people who do technology through cooperation. Realize your idea. I think more people who think technology is the bottleneck are almost personal webmasters. They are a company, they have to do everything, and they must do everything well. They have good ideas, but the current technology cannot be achieved. , It will be regarded as a bottleneck. In fact, the precious thing in the Internet era is to work with people to coordinate and find the right people to do the right thing. It is also a technology. Mastering this technology is more cost-effective than typing your own code. It is much higher, so I think the idea of using technology as a bottleneck is a bit narrow. Of course, if you know both technology and business, and have a good business model, then you are invincible, but then you will be very tired. Then the ability to master time has consumed his body, and the editor can only say that this technology is the biggest bottleneck.
Fourth, the network problem
This question is very important. Whether you are going to start a business or be a professional manager, the accumulation and reasonable use of your contacts is a wealth for everyone. Every stop you go through will encounter many powerful people and come in contact with different people. Of course, the premise is that you can come up with your own real things to share and exchange with others, get the approval of the other party, enter the other party's circle and life. Then the question arises. For a person who has just entered the workplace or is still confused, if he has this kind of thinking to build up contacts from the beginning, he always waits for two or three years after the workplace to feel that he needs to change his environment or start a business I found that there are a lot of things I ca n’t figure out myself, and I have good partners. At this time, I consider that my network has become my own bottleneck. The little friends who work together day and night do not want to be noble, but they can love each other in some way.
V. Management issues
When people first enter the workplace, they are basically struggling to find their own direction and improve their technical capabilities. When these are done to a certain degree, it is the so-called bottleneck. To take a step closer, you must enter the management level, whether it is a supervisor, a manager, etc., often these functions will rarely lower your attitude to cultivate you because of your technical capabilities, and you need to continuously accumulate to take some responsibilities. Observe carefully, openly ask for advice and combine your ability to slowly develop your own way of doing things, and then continue to polish in the work to resolve this bottleneck, management bottlenecks will occur, or you are not ready to stand alone, So I hope that the friends who saw this article can prepare in advance and don't wait for the opportunity to be wiped out by the so-called bottleneck.
Funding issues
! 这里谈到我的一个亲兄弟,初中毕业,期间木有接触过任何的互联网相关知识,创业之初,甚至家里还是亏钱十几万,但是独到的眼光、常人木有的魄力,让他依然拿出仅有的几万块钱,开始跑自己的第一单生意,当时很多亲戚和邻居不屑的眼光深深能够刺瞎一个人,正常人的逻辑就是安稳的挣钱先把欠的债务给还清,然后就安稳的过自己的生活,总而言之就是资金的问题。 As a reel entrepreneur, it ’s funny to talk about funding issues becoming your own bottleneck ! It ’s funny to talk about one of my brothers, who graduated from junior high school. During this period, I have been exposed to any Internet-related knowledge. He still lost more than 100,000 yuan, but his unique vision and the courage of ordinary people allowed him to take out only tens of thousands of yuan to start his first business. At that time, many relatives and neighbors had a disdainful look To be able to blind a person, the logic of a normal person is to make money securely, first pay off the debts owed, and then live a stable life. In short, it is a matter of funds. Small business is invested with small funds. As a result, tens of thousands of dollars are used to access a localized freight network, and investment in equipment such as a business license and a house is rented. The use of regionally differentiated information is poor. With the integration of the freight network of all the local large and medium-sized enterprises, the business is becoming smoother and smoother. If it is impossible to form a later situation because of funding problems, it is very difficult to consider the funding problem as a bottleneck of your own business. Funny, when you have the ability to support greater ambitions, you can make some tangible results with a small capital investment. With the results, you are afraid that investors will give you money. SEOer ,道理的是想通的。 Of course, if there is a good business model or unique market insight, I think it is not difficult to solve the problem of funds in the current Internet age. As a SEOer , it makes sense. ! There is no shortage of funds in the market, what is missing is a good project !

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