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Mini Program Development 丨 What is the value of WeChat Mini Program?
Source of information: Hunan Youdu Network Co. , Ltd.Date of release: 2018/8/17 Views: 531 times
张小龙在微信公开课PRO版上进一步地阐述了小程序,对于微信小程序不同的人有不同的声音,我们来看看大家都是怎么看的。 Article guide: Zhang Xiaolong further explained the mini program on the WeChat Open Course PRO version. Different people have different voices on WeChat mini programs. Let's see what everyone thinks.

版上进一步地阐述了小程序,对于微信小程序不同的人有不同的声音,我们来看看大家都是怎么看的。 Zhang Xiaolong further explained the mini program in the WeChat Open Course PRO version. Different people have different voices on WeChat mini programs. Let's see what everyone thinks.


28日,张小龙在微信公开课PRO版上进一步地阐述了小程序。 On December 28 , Zhang Xiaolong further explained the small program in the WeChat Open Course PRO version. After that, some existing speculations were verified and some speculations were broken. So what exactly is an applet? What kind of team is it most useful for? Where is its value? Many people think that it is a chicken rib, and some people think that it helps more entrepreneurs. What do you think?


Based on the public information now available, we asked the people who were most effective at answering these questions to chat with us. 创始&CEO赖奕龙,他作为小程序内测的首批使用者感受如何;以及从微信起家的新世相创始人张伟,又是如何看待小程序的;最后,我们还和好朋友冯大辉聊了聊,他赶在“小程序征文大赛”截稿之前交了答卷。 Among these people are Jing Wei's colleagues Xiao Min, Wang Huadong, Qian Kun, who will provide some analysis from the perspective of megatrends; we also invited Youzan Baiya, who should be the entrepreneur who has recently followed the WeChat Mini Program. He is also the person who has the deepest understanding of this matter. What do he think? And Lai Chi FM founder & CEO Lai Yilong, how did he feel as the first users of the internal test of the applet? How do you think of applets? Finally, we also talked with our good friend Feng Dahui, who submitted the answer papers before the deadline of the "Justice Essay Contest".


I hope these words of the family can help you better sort out your views on applets at this stage to make decisions.


怎么看小程序? 01How to look at the applet?

Xiaowei Jingwei: Mini-programs are a new form of mobile applications. The original intention of the WeChat team is still based on the interests of users and make it easier for users to use the service. Value point.


The small program has not yet been launched, and there are still imperfections, but this program development idea is undoubtedly correct. It is correctly reflected in two aspects: one is to take care of the user's interests to the greatest extent; the other is that this application use pattern is future-oriented. After ten years, these principles proposed today will not be outdated.


Zhang Xiaolong explained why the application should be free of installation, registration, and uninstallation. Installation-free, registration-free, and uninstall-free are in line with human nature, which is the most natural way for users to use services.


At the same time, Zhang Xiaolong also envisioned what the application would look like in the era of smart glasses: it should still be installation-free, registration-free, uninstall-free, and automatically respond at the right time.


For users, WeChat is already at the level of air, food and water. With the current prosperity of the WeChat ecosystem, the super-class design and implementation capabilities of the WeChat product technology team, and the influence of WeChat products on users and developers, Applets have a great chance of becoming a thriving ecosystem. Light apps from other companies are not comparable to applets.


肖敏为经纬中国合伙人,他的关注领域为交易平台 * Xiao Min is a partner of Jingwei China. His area of focus is trading platform


小程序现在的定位是什么? 02 What is the positioning of the applet now?

Jingwei Wang Huadong: The applet has no separate entrance and is a carrier. It may not be so helpful for many pure Internet products, and it is more to provide the function of "scanning to enter, use immediately, and leave immediately". 服务,尤其是布局线下,为线下商户提供扫码的服务来说是非常有用的。 Therefore, it is very useful for many O2O services, especially for offline deployment and code scanning services for offline merchants.


Previously, we scanned the code offline, and only entered the simple function page. Now we can enter the relatively rich function page, which has more added value for users and merchants.


For entrepreneurs who want to use WeChat social system to do communication, the help of applets is not great at present. Because it only allows spreading in the chat window-this spreading power is relatively limited. But at present, the permission to share in the circle of friends is not open to small programs, which is relatively limited for entrepreneurs who are doing social media communication and social e-commerce.


Wang Huadong is a partner of Jingwei China. His areas of focus are new technology, pan-entertainment, and social networking.


小程序对哪些创业者是助力,又对哪些创业者是阻力? 03 To which entrepreneurs does the small program help and which entrepreneurs resist?

Xiao Wei Jingwei: The applet is very suitable for lightweight service scenarios, such as ordering meals and buying tickets as mentioned by Zhang Xiaolong in his speech. Small teams and light products should actively use small programs.


Applets are not allowed to share in the circle of friends, and there are many restrictions on sharing. They are very unsuitable for content (cannot share circle of friends, users will definitely not use it), media, and promotion products. 使用微信开放平台接口分享页面到朋友圈。 Any application that is shared by the circle of friends is an important use case of the product, it is not suitable to use small programs, unless WeChat allows similar to the App to share pages to the circle of friends using the WeChat open platform interface.


用户基础的成型公司而言,现在介入小程序应以研究、跟进的心态为主比较妥当,因为毕竟小程序的基础设施还很不成熟,规则和技术稳定性都还需要一段时间才能明朗;小程序的设计初衷也不是为了解决头部App的需求,估计在很长一段时间内都不会投入时间精力为头部App服务。 For molding companies that already have a large-scale App user base, it is more appropriate to engage in small programs with a research and follow-up mentality, because after all, the small program's infrastructure is still immature, and the rules and technical stability are both It will take some time to be clear; the original purpose of the design of the mini-program is not to solve the needs of the head app . It is estimated that it will not invest time and energy to serve the head app for a long time.


是很好的机会,对于轻度服务的App而言挑战很大。 It is a good opportunity for service O2O, and a great challenge for light service apps .


对于基于社交网络传播或者说借力的创业者,它的影响如何? 04 How does it affect entrepreneurs based on social network communication or borrowing power?

There is praise Bai Ya: It said that the WeChat public account has reduced the cost of entrepreneurship for many people. It really makes sense. But the public account is a chat environment after all, and the implementation of many products in the public account is still very problematic. Mini-programs can meet these requirements very well. Mini-programs really make the threshold for many entrepreneurs' products very low. Mobile Internet has greatly increased the cost of starting a business, and small programs have greatly reduced this cost.


白鸦为杭州有赞科技有限公司创始人&CEO * Bai Ya is the founder & CEO of Hangzhou Youzan Technology Co., Ltd.


你觉得小程序会成为一个杀手级的产品吗? 05 Do you think applets will become a killer product?

Jingwei Qian Kun: Subversion is not the goal of WeChat. WeChat has been doing things consistent with its product positioning from the historical development process. For example, WeChat's circle of friends is based on acquaintances, not everyone; it is based on first-degree social relationships, not second-degree social relationships-it can be seen that they know what they want to do: only do Things to do for address book relationships.


开发者和使用者转型向小程序。 Applets are a kind of "killer" thing, which promotes the transformation of less frequent App developers and users to applets. The small program can solve the problem that the current subscription number and service number of WeChat cannot solve. I am more optimistic.


But the purpose of making the applet itself is not to be a killer application, because WeChat is already. The benefit of applets is to solve many of their needs for companies that don't have that high frequency, such as team, download. 本来也是没有入口的,需要推广,从这点上来说微信并不是增加了成本。 Entrepreneurs did not have an entrance to develop Apps , and they need to be promoted. In this regard, WeChat does not increase costs. And because of the convenience of small programs, it lowers the development threshold for some entrepreneurs.


On the one hand, the small program reduces the threshold for developing applications; on the other hand, the relationship between the small program and the WeChat ecosystem is not so close, so in a short time, entrepreneurs do not need to consider the traffic bonus of this gameplay. But in the future, there will definitely be some gameplay out.


Even if no traffic bonus is provided, after all, the applet allows the user traffic to enter better. The challenge may lie in that since applets have lowered the threshold, in other words it has increased competition.


钱坤为经纬中国投资董事,他的关注领域为互联网金融、消费升级、教育 * Qian Kun is the director of Jingwei China Investment. His areas of focus are Internet finance, consumer upgrades, and education.


小程序对App会有什么影响? 06What impact will the applet have on the App ?

的利益(似乎连苹果也这么愚蠢地警觉),也有人说小程序让微信变成一个操作系统,显然这些看法太静态太局限。 There is praise: Many people say that applets are light applications, applets will steal the benefits of AppStore (it seems that Apple is so stupidly alert), and some people say applets make WeChat an operating system. Obviously these views are too Static is too limited.


们希望解决,但消费者因为使用成本过高并不买账的那些问题,那些长尾倒组成了我们生活的一个个小问题。 If you go back to the decentralized position, you will find that the small programs are solving the problems that the apps want to solve, but consumers do not buy because of the high cost of use. Those long tails constitute a small problem in our lives. . 来解决。 Because of these small problems, we should not and are not willing to install an app to solve it.


To say WeChat is an operating system is obviously very narrow. "WeChat is a way of life", this is what WeChat said. Therefore, WeChat is actually life. Slightly speaking, WeChat is the society. Friendship, information shared by friends and friends, a virtual society. With the deepening of life on the Internet, people are migrating, the real world is getting quieter, the virtual society is getting noisier, and WeChat is indeed getting heavier.


The noise of WeChat society is not only because more and more friends are not true friends, but also because in WeChat society there is no real link to life.


There is still a wall between the real world and the virtual society. This wall is uncomfortable for both societies. The small program is used to break that wall.


互联网的时候,我们通过百度找到一个服务机构或企业的官网,从而越过那道墙去试图接近现实世界。 When the PC was on the Internet, we found the official website of a service agency or enterprise through Baidu, and tried to approach the real world across that wall. These things failed in the era of wireless Internet, so the emergence of public accounts. However, lamely solving this problem with an information chat window is obviously not enough, so there is a small program. What it will do is the integration of the real world and the virtual society.


Applets do not make WeChat an operating system, but a real society. Something here in society will surely be true.


作为小程序的首批测试者,你的感受是什么? 07 As the first testers of the applet, what is your feeling? For your existing business, what is the role of applets?

赖奕龙:小程序是非常有开拓性的尝试,我们非常愿意参与这样的尝试。 Litchi FM Lai Yilong: The small program is a very pioneering attempt, and we are very willing to participate in such an attempt. Such attempts are not necessarily successful, but they are very meaningful and worthwhile. Whether the applet is easy to use is not a question to be discussed now. We need to look at the user's response, and the user's judgment is the most important.


是首批内测中少数将小程序开发为泛娱乐、社交性质平台的公司。 Litchi FM is one of the first companies in the internal beta to develop a small program into a pan-entertainment and social platform. 用户的收听习惯,能在碎片化的生活时间里,随时随地移动收听内容与快速分享。 The WeChat mini-program carrier is lightweight and is in line with the listening habits of Litchi FM users. It can move and listen to content and share quickly anytime and anywhere during fragmented life.


For us, applets are a completely new way of serving. No installation or subscription is needed. We expect users to respond to this service experience. Is it lighter and faster for them?


赖奕龙为荔枝FM创始人&CEO * Lai Yilong is the founder & CEO of Litchi FM


什么样的公司适合去做小程序? 08 What kind of company is suitable for small programs?

Jingwei Qian Kun: To do this well, we still need a high-frequency thing and a feasible scenario to support it. If there is only traffic, it is more difficult to support without interaction or social attributes. It is more natural for WeChat to do this, because many users have realized that the service number and subscription number are incomplete, such as the smart map of Jingwei Investment (indoor positioning and navigation solution provider). Do their business well.


“新世相”从微信起家,目前也没有开发App ,作为这类型的创业者,你怎么看待小程序? 09 "Xinshixiang" started from WeChat and has not yet developed an App . As an entrepreneur of this type, what do you think of applets?

Xinshixiang Zhang Wei: From the first day we knew the news, we valued and looked forward to the applet. But judging from the release yesterday, it is still different from our imagination, and it is still being digested. ”,或者起码不是现在这个形态下App的替代品。 It doesn't look like the " App in WeChat" as you understand, or at least it is not a substitute for App in this form.


Xinshixiang has already prepared three small programs, which are three directions: social, content, and tools. But we should not release all of them in the first time, because the final entry presentation form, propagation path, and second return visits of the applet have not been fully disclosed, and these aspects will affect the spread of a applet and the value it can ultimately produce .


I think human creativity is definitely very powerful. Some people can play applets very well, and we are looking forward to it.


张伟为新世相创始人 * Zhang Wei is the founder of Xinshixiang


你觉得小程序是鸡肋吗? 10 Do you think applets are chicken ribs?

小道消息冯大辉:微信团队过去一年里,在小程序上面投入了大量精力,注入了太多思考。 Wu Da Technology / Gossip Feng Dahui: In the past year, the WeChat team has invested a lot of energy in mini programs and injected too much thought. Many people in the industry may have underestimated the potential of applets (now overestimating applets or underestimating applets may be problematic) and come to a conclusion in advance as easy as flipping a coin. The really appropriate method is to find a few small programs to experience it, and try it out.


The public number distinguishes the subscription number and the service number, but the service number leaves too many problems. So far, it can be said that it is an error, but this error has inspired the emergence of a small program (application number). What the service number cannot accomplish may be left to the applet. At this point, the applet's imagination is at least greater than the service number, which is the fundamental.


Another layer of value of the applet is to activate and open more application scenarios, whether it is online or offline, there is a new product to try, I think some technology and product people will be excited about this, but also Some people disagree. Before the change came, basically.


Some people say that applets are not good because there is no traffic stimulation. What I see is that new things that are stimulated by traffic basically disappear quickly. If it is not a product inspired by user needs, there will be problems if more traffic is poured into it. Another disadvantage of traffic stimulus is that it will attract too many players who are bored. Those who look for traffic bonuses everywhere are not good for any platform.


I want to advise everyone to stop thinking about traffic dividends. Now that the Internet has progressed, I am afraid that no one can seize the so-called bonus. If there is, it will not be you. Roll up your sleeves and do it again.


I saw some Baidu people lamenting the "direct number". IMHO, it may be a good idea for Baidu to make a direct account at first. However, Baidu has no account system, and it can't do a background tool for developers. In the end, it is normal for this product to have no loud sound. Don't lament, the original purpose of the direct number is not so big.


WeChat will not distribute traffic to mini programs, and there will be no so-called traffic bonus. I certainly cannot understand this. After all, it is too difficult for any product to achieve such a scale, which can hold back a new product without traffic. But the WeChat team did it.


Some people say they are restrained by the WeChat team, but I think they are humble enough. It may also be because they do a lot of things that others cannot do, so they are humble.


Professional mini-program development, look for Youdu Network!


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