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The most valuable seven-size program entry
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互联网圈里有一种观点:颠覆门户网站的是搜索引擎,颠覆搜索引擎的是电子商务,颠覆电子商务的是社交网络。 Article introduction: There is a point in the Internet circle: it is search engines that subvert portals, e-commerce that subverts search engines, and social networks that subvert e-commerce.

There is a view in the Internet circle: it is search engines that subvert portals, e-commerce that subverts search engines, and social networks that subvert e-commerce. 有了电子商务之后,用户就不需要搜索引擎推荐的商品广告;而有了社交网络后,用户就不用在电子商务中挑选商品。 Because with a search engine, users do n’t have to log in to the portal to search for content one by one ; with e-commerce, users do n’t need product ads recommended by search engines ; and with social networks, users do n’t have to be in e-commerce. Pick a product.


But so far, the dream of social networks replacing e-commerce has not been realized. WeChat obviously had such ambitions at the beginning of product planning, because WeChat chose modular design and window-type waterfall display at the beginning, which are all the characteristics of standard e-commerce products.


Just as Ali designed various roles such as Alipay, merchants, buyers, and Xiaoer for Taobao, Wechat also designed various roles such as nearby people, public accounts, service numbers, and WeChat payment to establish WeChat's trust mechanism.


When WeChat has n’t limited the number of friends, a large group of Taobao shop owners rely on the crazy search for nearby people, drifting bottles, and radar functions to develop a large number of WeChat accounts with more than 10,000 friends, and send a few circle of friends daily to pull There are a lot of orders, so Weishang detonated the market in a short time.


The development of Internet e-commerce now seems to have entered a bottleneck, and with the rising prices of various e-commerce platforms and the price of drainage, it is forcing merchants to hope for a new way to try to make more profits.


占据大量用户的背景下,这个全新的生态让创业者看到了希望。 For WeChat, the mini program is the next key project after the public account. In the context of the super app occupying a large number of users, this new ecology has given entrepreneurs hope. 小程序,机会变得越来越多,未来也更加明晰,不管是已经投入其中的创业者,还是与其相连的用户、服务商,我们都需要以全新的眼光和多方位的视角来观察这个新物种。 From the initial wait and see of the entire industry to many developers all in small programs, the opportunities have become more and more clear in the future. Whether it is the entrepreneurs who have already invested in it, or the users and service providers connected to it, we all need Observe this new species with new eyes and a multi-faceted perspective.


Q1财报,微信的月活是10.4亿,到今年结束,月活不出意料将达到近10亿。 According to Tencent's Q1 2018 financial report, WeChat's monthly activity is 1.04 billion. By the end of this year, the monthly activity will not unexpectedly reach nearly 1 billion. 亿,这意味着,基本上使用互联网的中国人都是微信用户。 The current number of Chinese Internet users is 751 million, which means that Chinese people who use the Internet are basically WeChat users.


Therefore, it is reasonable to believe that WeChat's mission of connecting everything is half done, that is, connecting everyone has become a reality, then the second half of WeChat is the connecting object. 火热之后一地鸡毛,腾讯只有在资本上有所作为。 In the past few years when WeChat has been scorching and advancing, Ali's e-commerce empire has been built with high walls, hundreds of wars have settled, and O2O has been hot. Tencent has only made a difference in capital.


Today, as the growth of Internet users slows down, the biggest opportunity for the mobile Internet is the combination of online and offline, which is what Ma Huateng called smart retail, Jack Ma's new retail, and Liu Qiangdong's unbounded retail. Non-WeChat Mini Programs.


Zhang Xiaolong said: "In the era of smart phones, I think that if we want to obtain services, it is more about offline. In fact, the services related to offline are actually the implementation of mobile phone technology. One way is the easiest way to connect with the surroundings and get services. "


The current development of the traditional e-commerce model can be said to have reached its peak. It is almost impossible to achieve explosive growth again. Therefore, if the e-commerce industry wants to achieve more profits, it needs to expand new drainage channels. WeChat Applets are undoubtedly the most convenient way. Now that applets have an increasing influence on the mobile Internet, the e-commerce industry will certainly be able to use Wechat applets to achieve better development in the future.


After continuous exploration in the mini-program world, we have concluded that there are seven high probability that you can enter the mini-program world entrance, so that readers who are interested in crossing through can practice:


Mini Program History List Entry


This is the most important entrance to the applet world. We can call it the "official entrance". When the applet world was created, the creator God Zhang Xiaolong placed it on the "discovery" interface of the WeChat world. This entrance is easy to find. Everyone in the WeChat world knows it.


Nearby applet entrance


地理位置的显示,是线下门店的重要展示场景,它可以展示小程序用户方圆三公里(中心城区3公里,偏远地区5公里)以内的所有小程序。 This entrance is a little deeper, it is hidden in the two-dimensional world, that is, after the entrance is found to enter the mini program, this entrance is mainly a manifestation of offline capabilities. The mini program is based on the display of the LBS geographic location and is an important display of offline stores Scene, it can show all applets within three kilometers of the user of the applet ( 3 kilometers from the central city and 5 kilometers from the remote area ) .


Service notification portal


最重要的是好似一个牛皮糖,让它缠上你,那就是无休无止,这个入口如果利用的好了,对于商家而言就等于你雇佣了一个脸皮厚,韧性足的业务员。 This entry exists on the homepage of WeChat. It is mysterious and powerful ! The most important thing is that it looks like a nougat and let it entangle you. It is endless. If this entry is used well, it will be equivalent to the merchant. You hired a thick-skinned and resilient salesperson. 真的就是很文明的撩了她一下,结果她就缠上我了。 Yesterday, I had nothing to do, so I entered the "Pinduoduo" mini program and gave her a casual look ! It was really a very civilized one, and she got tangled with me.


总之,各种理由,各种手段!幸亏是我这种意志力坚定的人!意志力不坚定你就等着剁手吧! In less than two days, seven service notifications were pushed to me ! In short, for various reasons and various means ! Fortunately, I am a strong-willed person ! If you are not strong-willed, wait for your hand!


WeChat public account custom menu entry


公众号,当公众号与小程序关联之后,可以通过自定义菜单访问小程序,本入口属于内容类电商的超级入口之一。 This is also a very important entry, especially for those large V public accounts. After the public account is associated with the applet, you can access the applet through a custom menu. This entry is one of the super portals for content e-commerce.


Mosaic applet in WeChat public account article


它犹如撸啊撸里边的最佳补刀手,当大V们点燃了读者的嗨点儿之后,瞬间蹦出一个小程序入口,买吧!?买了!就这么简单。 For content e-commerce, this is also one of the super portals ! It is like the best knife repairer in 撸 大 撸, when the big Vs ignite the reader ’s hi, they pop out a small program entrance and buy Alright !? Bought ! It's that simple.


WeChat homepage drop-down menu


年的末尾才出来的。 This entrance belongs to the small fresh meat in the entrance of the applet, which came out at the end of 2017 . 个用户最新打开过的小程序。 Users only need to scroll down the mobile phone screen on the WeChat homepage to find the applet, and it can display up to 12 applets recently opened by the user. It belongs to a miniaturized history list entry.


Friends and group sharing link entrance


This entrance belongs to a random transmission matrix. When a WeChat friend or group member chats and interacts, he or she will automatically send some small programs to the friend or group member. The friend or group member will open the small program based on curiosity or basic trust. This entrance reflects the social attributes of applets, and is also an important magic weapon for applet games and social e-commerce to win.


If there are any friends who have participated in Zhang Xiaolong's open class, he must have heard his words: This is not the original intention of WeChat. We now know that WeChat is targeting not only offline, but the entire Internet industry, as Ma Huateng said: Tencent will be the Internet connector.


亿多的用户群体,再加上张小龙的一路保驾护航,含着金钥匙出生的小程序自上线起便备受瞩目。 Backed by Tencent, relying on WeChat's more than 1 billion user groups, coupled with Zhang Xiaolong's escort all the way, the mini program born with the golden key has attracted much attention since its launch. Frequent update speeds and continuous improvements in functions foreshadow a new wave of business opportunities and bonuses. The development of applets is also likely to become the next Internet outlet. 创业的一场狂欢,而在下半场,我们将再次见证一次摧枯拉朽般的洪荒革命。 In the first half of the mobile Internet, we witnessed a carnival of mobile APP startups, and in the second half, we will once again witness a devastating flood-desolation revolution.


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