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WeChat Mini Program teaches you to open online and offline channels and make money easily
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小程序的数量目前呈井喷之势,用户活跃度也持续上升。 Article Guide: The number of applets is currently in a state of blowout, and user activity continues to rise. Giving your own APP to an applet, or condensing its functionality into a applet, such as Mobike, Mushroom Street, and Ctrip Travel are all good examples. The threshold for the development of applets is low, and neither potential customers nor outputs can be achieved.

The number of applets is currently exploding, and user activity continues to rise. 嫁接到小程序,或是把功能精简后放入小程序中,如摩拜单车、蘑菇街、携程旅游等这些都是很好的例子。 Giving your own APP to an applet, or condensing its functionality into a applet, such as Mobike, Mushroom Street, and Ctrip Travel are all good examples. The threshold for the development of applets is low, and the potential customers and output are inestimable.

After the WeChat mini-program appeared, social e-commerce companies who have been touching the stones across the river have found the correct way to connect products and users. Relying on the mini-program can promote more relevant consumption scenarios including e-commerce, education, and medical care. Utilize the extensive layout of the small program to bring drainage to the store, shorten the chain of communication with the user, and allow the merchant to communicate with the user more directly and comprehensively. The merchant delimits its own private domain traffic. With the advent of the new retail era, the impact on traditional commerce will be greater and greater. Businesses must first develop a "user concept", put their attention on people, and be prepared to maintain long-term relationships with users.

Various industries have started to make money, so how do they make money ?

的流量本钱居高不下,传统的引流形式又相对固化。 E-commerce: The flow cost of the e-commerce App remains high, and the traditional drainage form is relatively solidified. 亿的月活用户和社交基因,也能让电商渠道在小程序上测验更多新玩法。 And WeChat comes with 1.04 billion monthly active users and social genes, which can also allow e-commerce channels to test more new games on small programs. The development of WeChat mini-programs has increased e-commerce sales channels, and huge traffic has expanded the e-commerce product sales market.

服务:关于实体店运营者来说,做个小程序为线下门店引流也是一个不错的挑选。 O2O service: For physical store operators, it is also a good choice to make a small program to divert offline stores. In the adjacent mini-program, there are four categories of food and beverage, beauty care, fresh fruits and vegetables, and clothing bags. Users can see the addresses and related information of the surrounding stores.

两者途径不同,但都是通过各自所具有得大量粉丝流量扩大产品曝光率和流量转化率。 Advertising: In WeChat Mini Programs, the realization of traffic through advertising is basically divided into information mini programs internal advertising and public account content advertising ; the two methods are different, but both are expanded by their own large number of fan traffic Product exposure and traffic conversion rate.

天内用户自发礼物10万单,送出超过20万份礼物的记录。 Lottery mini-program fission: Take the gift theory as an example, without any promotion expenses, it has set a record of 100,000 user-generated gifts within 3 days and sent over 200,000 gifts. We looked for the reason for its fission so fast, and found that this aspect benefited from its simple and convenient social gameplay, similar to WeChat red envelopes. On the other hand, between the coming and going of gifts, the goods purchased by the applet are transformed into a social tool like text, voice and WeChat red envelopes, which has formed a potential social fission. Gifts are said to be based on the "One Belt One" or even "One-to-Many" behavior of "gift giving", cultivating users to develop gift giving habits to achieve social fission, reaching millions of potential users. In fact, social fission is simply a viral transmission. Explosive items or services reach the most users in a short period of time, and the platform has thus obtained a large number of users and fans.

Small group of program fission: Needless to say, the success of the small program is a group of fission models. A product on Pinduoduo “seduces” users to “forward” shares in order to get low-priced products. Users can share with WeChat groups and WeChat friends after initiating sharing in the WeChat environment, and invite everyone to complete the spelling together. group. In addition, after the user successfully completes the sharing, the payment process can also be completed with a single click of the applet, which is very convenient.

获得奖品。 Facilitating small program fission: The fission growth of this type of small program is consistent with the fission idea of the public account task. Through courses or prizes as attracting points, guide users to share calls for user assistance and reach a fixed number of people to help them receive courses / get prize. Among them, the small beacon based on knowledge payment products is particularly outstanding.

Resurrection applet fission: A large wave of mini games became popular at the beginning of the year, and applets opened many mini game development components and permissions. Many developers have used the sharing function of mini-games to the fullest, so the mini-game revival group will appear, and various groups are also swiped by the mini-game sharing cards such as "resurrection". The principle is simple: playing a small game will die when you go through the level, and you want to continue the game and guide users to share before they can be resurrected. 这种强制用户分享的方式已经被微信官方禁止) ( This method of forcing users to share has been officially banned by WeChat )

营销中用的比较多。 Testing applet fission, showing off applet fission: These two methods are used more in H5 marketing. 这些都是曾经刷过朋友圈的营销案例,放在小程序环境下同样适用。 Are they particularly familiar ? These are marketing cases that have been used in the circle of friends, and they are also applicable in the context of small programs. Therefore, the fission growth of the applet, for the development and the team, the fission of the product itself is more suitable under the condition that the applet is officially still being done, and the test is more about the fission ability of the product. “微信生态用户裂变增长”将会越来越被反复提及。 The traffic of WeChat ecology will become more and more expensive. As a current investment outlet, how can small programs acquire users at low cost, high efficiency, and exponentially ? "WeChat ecological user fission growth" will be repeatedly mentioned.

万并持续爆发,赚钱,你准备好了吗? In the future, based on social familiarity, applets will bring more free traffic bonuses, and their number will soon exceed 3 million and continue to explode. Make money, are you ready ?


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