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What are the advantages between SEO and auction promotion?
Information source: Hunan Youdu Network Co. , Ltd.Date of release: 2018/12/5 Number of visits: 854 times
优度网络针对SEO与竞价推广之间的优势一共总结了5大点: Article guide: Youdu Network has summarized 5 points for the advantages between SEO and auction promotion:

一共总结了5大点: Based on the advantages between SEO and auction promotion, Youdu Network has summarized 5 major points:

、跨搜索引擎平台效果 1 , cross search engine platform effect   :

优化是针对所有的搜索引擎来做的,只要SEO的方法是白帽的、专业的、面向用户体验的,那么你不仅能收获国内搜索引擎百度,搜狗, 360 ,神马等来的流量,还能获取国外雅虎,谷歌等的流量,只要做好SEO ,都会不同程度的认可你的网站,从而给你网站良好的展示位置。 SEO optimization is done for all search engines. As long as the SEO method is white-hat, professional, and user-oriented, then you can not only harvest traffic from domestic search engines such as Baidu, Sogou, 360 , Shenma, etc. You can also get traffic from foreign Yahoo, Google, etc. As long as you do SEO well , your website will be recognized to varying degrees, thus giving you a good site placement. ,不同的搜索引擎平台有不同的收费及相关的服务机制。 And (bid promotion) SEM , different search engine platforms have different fees and related service mechanisms.

、提升流量无须增加预算2. Increase the traffic without increasing the budget :

(点击)的流量,你必须提升预算。 If bidding promotion is to increase PPC (click) traffic, you must raise your budget. 不一样, SEO优化有点像滚雪球,一开始虽然不起眼,但雪球一旦滚起来,机制一旦建立,那么势必后劲十足,效果越到后面越显著,而无需你投入更多。 But SEO is different. SEO optimization is a bit like a snowball. Although it is inconspicuous at first, once the snowball rolls up and the mechanism is established, it is bound to be full of energy. The effect will be more significant as it goes behind, without you having to invest more.

The auction promotion will stop when there is no money in the account. 优化后的网站自然流量不会因为你停止了SEO服务而立即消失,相反这段流量会持续相当长的一段时间,理论上来说如果没有过大的外部竞争以及搜索算法没有大变化的话,流量基本上是稳定的。 The natural traffic of a website that has been optimized by professional SEO will not disappear immediately because you stopped the SEO service. On the contrary, this traffic will last for a long time. In theory, if there is no excessive external competition and the search algorithm has not changed much The flow is basically stable.

、更高的信任度3. Higher trust :

SEO有更高的用户信任度。 Compared with SEM , SEO has higher user trust. 也是一种商业广告,用户点击本身就是抱着一种看广告的心态,如果不满意就跳出看下一条。 After all, SEM is also a commercial advertisement. Clicking on the user itself is a kind of mentality for watching advertisements. If you are not satisfied, you will jump out to see the next one. Natural rankings are different. Users think that websites ranked by natural rankings are more professional and credible. At the same time, user engagement and conversion rates are higher.

、排除负面消息4. Exclude negative news :

广告下面有一条SEO的负面消息,是不是很糟糕? Imagine if there was a negative SEO message under your SEM ad, would it be bad? 倍,我以前也经常帮一些公司处理负面消息,因为,一旦有了负面消息,他们的流量就会减少20%左右,如果你不注意,到了有负面消息再去用SEO排负就为时已晚,有的是删不掉的。 Generally, the influence of negative news is 3-5 times greater than that of positive news. I used to help some companies deal with negative news because once there is negative news, their traffic will be reduced by about 20% . If you do n’t pay attention, When it comes to negative news, it is too late to use SEO to make a negative, and some cannot be deleted.

,通过SEO ,可以更好地巩固第一页的搜索结果的权重,设立好这样的保护屏障,可以有效防止负面入侵,不要等到事情发生了再去做挽回。 Therefore, we must pay more attention to SEO . Through SEO , we can better consolidate the weight of search results on the first page. Setting up such a protective barrier can effectively prevent negative intrusions. Don't wait for things to happen before redemption.

、更容易吸引点击 :自然结果毕竟处在搜索引擎结果页面的用户视觉重心处,相比SEM可以获得更多的关注和点击。 5. Easier to attract clicks : After all, natural results are at the user's visual focus on search engine results pages, which can get more attention and clicks than SEM . 流量通常要高于排在竞价推广PPC第一名的广告。 According to past experience, the natural result of SEO traffic is usually higher than the ads ranked first in the auction promotion PPC .

的几个具体的优势进行了详细的讲解,接下来我们来了解一下搜索引擎排名的另外一种方式,竞价推广。 The above is a detailed explanation of several specific advantages of SEO . Next, we will look at another way of search engine ranking, bid promotion.

What is auction promotion? Speaking of bidding, you must pay for it. Bid promotion is an online promotion method that pays for results. Buying keywords brings a large number of potential customers to the company to effectively increase its exposure and sales.

种方式来分别举例,首先我们以卖产品为主来看看他们是怎么做的竞价推广: Below we use two methods to give examples. First of all, we will focus on selling products to see how they promote bidding:

个都是做的竞价推广,他们网址旁边都有一个广告的字样,我用红色框框已框出来了。 When I searched for "small excavator price" in the search box of Baidu, Baidu called up a lot of websites about small excavators. The first five were bidding promotions, and there was an advertisement next to their website. The words, I have framed it with a red frame.

排名上来的。 This is to rank on the Baidu homepage in the form of auction promotion. In addition to auction promotion, it is based on SEO ranking.


个竞价推广的广告,因为现在百度推广一屏只能有5个广告位,都已经满了啊,这说明这个词很热门,行业竞争很大。 Let ’s take another example of selling services: I typed the keyword “Changsha Decoration Company” into the search box of Baidu. We all know that decoration companies do not sell products but do decoration services. When I clicked the search, Baidu transferred a total of Five bidding advertisements, because Baidu promotion can only have 5 ad slots on one screen, all of them are full, which shows that the word is very popular and the industry is very competitive.

排名上来的。 In addition to competitive promotion, it is based on SEO rankings.

Looking at this picture is to do SEO ranking. I followed the picture above. The Baidu snapshots are displayed next to the URL. Such clicks are free of charge.


Everyone now knows what are the advantages of doing this auction promotion?   

大点好处, I also put together 4 major benefits,

、立即显示 1.Display immediately

As soon as you open it, you can immediately display it on the search homepage, and some immediately have a consultation

、按效果付费 2. Pay for results

According to the traffic volume that brings potential new customers to the enterprise, the enterprise can flexibly control the promotion intensity and investment according to its own needs, so that the company's network promotion investment can get the maximum return!

、针对性强 3. Highly targeted

Help companies find potential target customers, let companies register targeted "product keywords", make corporate product web pages appear at the top of the corresponding search results, and let potential customers who are really interested in corporate products directly understand product or service information And easier to close the deal!

、有助于SEO的排名 4. Ranking that helps SEO

,就会事半功倍,因为百度竞价可以带来真实的流量, SEO排名的规则中也有一点是与流量相关的。 Users who have done Baidu bidding and doing SEO at the same time will do more with less, because Baidu bidding can bring real traffic, and one of the rules of SEO ranking is related to traffic.


做什么呢? Now that the bidding promotion is so good, what is the trouble to do SEO ?

Because even the best things are not flawed, and there are disadvantages to bidding promotion:

Disadvantages of bid promotion:

、没有长期利益 1.No long-term benefits

,他没有长期利益,因为一旦账户没钱了,排名就掉下来了,流量也就停止了,是毫无情面可言的,绝对不会出现像SEO的“滚雪球机制”一样,只要每天做一点,网上的信息就会慢慢累积越来越多。 Bidding promotion is different from SEO . He has no long-term benefits, because once the account is out of money, the rankings will fall, and the traffic will stop. Similarly, as long as you do a little every day, the information on the Internet will gradually accumulate more and more.

比作弹钢琴,你弹的时间越久,技能就越熟练,效果就越好;SEM就是花钱请人来弹奏,虽然也可以或许或者带来美好的试听享受,但对你自己来说,并没有任何成长,一旦你付不起这样的花费,那么统统美好的音乐都划上休止符。 If you compare SEO to playing the piano, the longer you play, the more proficient your skills will be , and the better the effect will be ; and SEM is spending money to invite people to play, although it may or may bring good audition enjoyment, but for you For your own sake, there is no growth. Once you can't afford such expenses, then all beautiful music is put to a halt.

、用户覆盖面少 2.Less user coverage

、搜狗上面是没有的,除非你每个平台都开通竞价,这样也是一笔不小的费用。 Bid promotion cannot cover the entire search engine. If you bid on Baidu, your website can only be ranked on Baidu, like 360 and Sogou. Unless you open a bid on each platform, this is not a small sum. cost. There is also the word "ad" at the bottom of every auction site, which will cause some users to hate the ad and not click, which will lose some customers. 的流量覆盖面积广,用户体验度也是比较好的。 The SEO traffic covers a wide area and the user experience is relatively good.

、点击敲诈 3.Click for extortion

It's difficult to bid for malicious promotion. If everyone is a colleague, there is no way to click on your advertisement. There is also a lot of users who do not understand the background of operating bid promotion, which will cause most of them. Useless clicks, even with Baidu's customer service staff operations, they will not have much effect. After all, they do not understand your business, and they understand that each customer service staff needs to manage the Baidu bidding background. How can they have so much time to spare? Deal with your back office, that's why you also do auction promotion, some make money, and some lose money.

Here I suggest that if you have the time, you can learn this back-end operation yourself. If you do n’t have one, you can ask a reliable Internet company to manage it. We will promote the course of bid promotion in the later stage. If you have ideas to learn, you can always consult me.

、信任度低 4 , low trust

的,上面已经说明了原因,它毕竟是花钱排上去的,不稳定。 The user trust of auction promotion advertisements is definitely lower than SEO . The reasons have been explained above. After all, it is costly and unstable. ,要根据多方面来提升的。 After the money is spent, some information can't be found. Unlike SEO , it must be improved according to various aspects.


的优势,其实他也是有劣势的,刚好竞价推广就可以补充,因为SEO的劣势主要是见效时间长无保证 ,通常一个新网上线,想要看到排名效果最少也得3个月左右,这还得需要企业老总对SEO有充分的理解和心理预期。 Speaking of the advantages of SEO , in fact, he also has disadvantages, which can be supplemented by just bidding promotion, because the disadvantages of SEO are mainly long -term effectiveness. There is usually no guarantee for a new online line. Around this month, this also requires the corporate executives to have a full understanding of SEO and psychological expectations. Otherwise, bidding promotion must be opened at the same time.

与竞价推广是企业的标配这个说法,想要让企业在互联网上占有一席之地,就不要错过这两种排名方法,因为他们可以补充各自的劣势。 After opening the bidding promotion, there will be telephone consultations or orders soon, so SEO and bidding promotion are the standard for companies. If you want to have a place on the Internet, do n’t miss these two ranking methods because they Can complement their respective disadvantages.

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