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What kind of website is a qualified SEO website?
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在讲网站之前还是来介绍一下什么是网站,因为这里的学员还有很多SEO初学者,网站就好比是我们在某个商场、某个小区开的一个店铺,你做生意肯定是有一个店铺的对吧,那么网站就是一个互联网上的店铺,是一个虚拟的 Article guide: Before talking about the website, let's introduce what a website is, because the students here also have a lot of SEO beginners. The website is like a shop we opened in a shopping mall or a community. You definitely have a business A shop, right, then the website is a shop on the Internet, a virtual

网站? What kind of website is a qualified SEO website?

初学者,网站就好比是我们在某个商场、某个小区开的一个店铺,你做生意肯定是有一个店铺的对吧,那么网站就是一个互联网上的店铺,是一个虚拟的店铺,在淘宝、京东上面开的,我们称之为网店,就相当于是在商场里面的一个摊位一个柜台,而网站呢? Before talking about the website, let's introduce what a website is, because the students here also have a lot of SEO beginners. The website is like a shop we open in a shopping mall or a certain community. You definitely have a shop for doing business. Right, then the website is a shop on the Internet, a virtual shop, opened on Taobao, JD. We call it an online shop, which is equivalent to a booth and a counter in the mall. What about the website? He is an independent shop, either an individual or a company.

的公司都会有自己的网站,他们用来展示公司产品、文化、资讯、招商等等,像华为、苹果,他们都有自己独立的网站, Now, 90% of companies have their own websites. They are used to display company products, culture, information, investment promotion, etc. Like Huawei and Apple, they all have their own independent websites.


And their website has a lot of traffic, which means that a lot of products can be sold through the website every day. 优化他们的网站,让他们把所卖的产品排名到百度的首页去,这样才能获得大量的曝光,才能让用户知道原来这款产品是出自某某公司的,从而获得流量,带来订单。 However, not all companies are as famous as them, so they need to optimize their website by doing SEO and let them rank the products they sell to the homepage of Baidu, so that they can get a lot of exposure and let users know the original This product comes from a certain company, so as to get traffic and bring orders.

网站才能让你赢在起跑线上,让你在做SEO优化时更容易获得关键词的排名。 We want to get a good ranking, the first step is to make the website well. Only a qualified SEO website can let you win on the starting line, and make it easier for you to get keyword rankings when doing SEO optimization.

Let's take a look at these two websites:

的网站? Here are all office furniture. I framed it with two boxes of different colors. Let ’s see what ’s different. Now you guess which one is a SEO- compliant website?

This is a clear contrast. Which one do you think looks better, which one is more tidy, and better able to satisfy your desire to buy?

Of course it ’s the green one, right?

We can see that the typical difference is that it is relatively long. Then, the classification is clear and the pictures are clear. Users can quickly find the furniture they want to buy, and it also has a reason for users to buy because they are Our own production, direct factory price, have all aspects of qualification certification, product quality is guaranteed.

If I were to buy office furniture, I would definitely choose them, right?

排名呢? If a user opens your website, you can keep him, and you will not immediately close your website for at least a few minutes. This is the standard of a good website. He has a good user experience. Then, how to judge this website Character does not fit the SEO ranking?

个方面去看: We have to look at the following three aspects:

First, the domain name and opening speed of the website

,百度就是baidu.com那么我们在做网站的时候也要选一级域名,然后,就是服务器空间,这个会直接影响到网站的速度,我们要在点开这个网站时的一瞬间就能看到里面的内容,也就是零点几秒的时间就能打开网站,具体的怎样去选择域名和空间我会在下一节详细介绍。 We need to know that an independent website must be equipped with a unique first-level domain name, such as Taobao's domain name is taobao.com , and Baidu is baidu.com. So when we do a website, we also need to choose the first-level domain name, and then, the server Space, this directly affects the speed of the website. We need to see the contents of the website as soon as we open the website. That is, we can open the website within a few seconds. How to choose the domain name and space? I will go into more detail in the next section.

Second, website keyword settings

Is there a label for the site, which is here?

Set keywords, let search engines know what products your website is going to rank, and which ones are the key words to optimize.

Third, website type

Nowadays, there are various types of websites, and it is difficult for a layperson to distinguish between a good website and a bad website. 的网络公司做出来的网站都是模版网站,因为制作模版网站基本不需要策划,也不需要程序员,只需要一个设计师就行了,这种网站制作成本低,价格相对来说便宜,制作时间短,展示效果多样化,后台功能也很强大。 The appearance of the interface cannot be seen. A good website must be completed through the process of planning, design, programming, and testing. Now 90% of the websites made by online companies on the market are template websites because they make template websites. Basically no planning or programmer is required, only a designer is required. This kind of website has low production cost, relatively cheap price, short production time, diverse display effects, and powerful back-end functions.

优化。 This kind of website is generally charged on an annual basis, no source code is provided, and the design section has certain regulations, which are relatively rigid and are not conducive to SEO optimization.

站,是采用网上的开源代码开发的,也就是说网络上有大量的现成的源码系统,只需要在上面做做修改就可以用它来生成各成网站,像用的最多的是织梦、帝国等,这些都是开源的CMS系统。 There is another kind of website called CMS station, which is developed by using open source code on the Internet. That is to say, there are a large number of ready-made source code systems on the Internet. You only need to modify it to generate various websites. The most are dream weaving, empire, etc. These are all open source CMS systems.

The website made by this system is better than the template station. It has source code, but the security is not very high. After all, the open source still has a lot of loopholes, and the functions are more complicated. Sometimes a corporate website also has Not so versatile, but there is no way, you still have to upload all of them, so a lot of extra code will take up server space and affect the speed of the website.

If you have a basic website, you can download these two to try. It will be very easy to build a website.

优化的类型,比如,网站较短的那种简单型网站,还有过多的图片和动画,一再追求个性化的动画网站,都是不利于SEO优化的,我们做网站时一定要有一个完整的策划方案,要做效果图,网站栏目要清晰,图片也要清晰,要有详情页,有新闻资讯页等等。 In addition, there are better websites. Customized websites, of course, there are types of customized websites that are not conducive to SEO optimization. For example, simple websites with shorter websites, too many pictures and animations, have repeatedly sought personalized. Animated websites are not conducive to SEO optimization. When we do a website, we must have a complete planning plan. We must make a rendering, the site columns must be clear, the pictures must be clear, there must be a detail page, a news page, etc. .

系统,要能够提供源代码给你的,他们就知道该怎么做了。 If you want to ask a web company to build a website, you need to identify the website. The simple way is that when you write the contract, you need to use a customized version of your website. You cannot use a CMS system. You must be able to provide source code to You, they know what to do.

的网站还需要注意下面几个要点: There are a few important points to note when making a SEO- compliant website:

、清晰的导航,面包宵导航(不管从seo和用户体验都必须考虑)1 , clear navigation, bread night navigation ( regardless of seo and user experience must be considered ) .

、网站层次以三层(首页,分类页,内容页层次不宜过多,尽量以扁平结构架构网站)2. The website hierarchy consists of three layers (the homepage, category pages, and content pages should not be too many, and try to structure the website with a flat structure ) .

、每个页面独立标题,描述,关键词(后台要能编辑控制)3. Independent title, description, and keywords for each page (the background should be editable and controllable ) .
、生成静态功能(更好的让搜索引擎收录、更安全)4 , generate static functions ( better for search engines to index, more secure ) .
、网站地图(html网站地图、 xml网站地图)5 , site map (html site map, xml site map ) .
h1标签, h2等标签写入(让搜索引擎迅速了解该网页最重要是什么)6 , h1 tags, h2 and other tags are written ( let search engines quickly understand what the web page is most important ) .

、合理的外链建设, 7. Reasonable external chain construction,
、网站前端要用div布局(cssjs等放在外部文件,以提高网页的访问速度,尽量不要采用flash ,因为占用的空间太大,不仅影响整个网站的加载速度。而且以目前的技术,搜索引擎还无法读取flash文件里面的内容。 ) 8. The front end of the website should use a div layout ( put css , js, etc. in external files to improve the access speed of the webpage. Try not to use flash because the space occupied is too large, which not only affects the loading speed of the entire website. Technology, search engines can't read the contents of the flash file. )

代码、链接到非法网站等。 At the same time, we should avoid over-optimizing the website. Do not use too many keywords, do not pile keywords, use JS code, and link to illegal websites.

相关的就行了。 It's almost enough for a website to do a good job, and it will be more effective for later optimization. I will teach you how to set it up in the subsequent courses. In the early stage, we only need to understand that these are related to SEO .

,下一节讲的是域名与SEo. The content of this lesson is all here. If you don't understand, you can add me on WeChat 254596208. The next section is about domain names and SEo.


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