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The importance of keyword libraries for keyword ranking
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关键词排名优化是网站优化工作的重中之重,一个流量大、权重高的网站必定有一个强大的关键词库支撑。 Article guide: Keyword ranking optimization is the top priority of website optimization. A website with large traffic and high weight must have a strong keyword database support. Researching the keyword vocabulary of a website is very important for SEO work, but most SEO staff do not have a reasonable keyword vocabulary, even the most basic.

Keyword ranking optimization is the top priority of website optimization. A website with large traffic and high weight must have a strong keyword database support. 工作十分重要的事情,但大部分SEO人员,却没有合理的规划关键词库,甚至连最基本的Excel表格都没有,实际上这是一种盲目而又随意的行为。 Researching the keyword vocabulary of the website is a very important thing for SEO work, but most SEO staff do not have a reasonable keyword vocabulary, not even the most basic Excel forms. Casual behavior. It often causes keyword competition within the website, wastes effective online resources, optimizes content, and causes unnecessary burden. Then how to see the keyword library of your website, you can see the keyword library in the webmaster tool or love station tool. The more the number of thesaurus, the higher the weight of the website, the better the website optimization.

First, let's understand what is a keyword lexicon?

Simple understanding: The keyword library is a target keyword website that mines, collects, and organizes related keyword thesaurus tables for specific keywords, which usually include the following types:

、行业关键词库与产品关键词库 1.Industry keyword database and product keyword database

Generally speaking, the keyword libraries of different industries have different characteristics, such as the medical industry and the machinery industry, which are very different. The machinery industry places more emphasis on the accumulation of a large number of product keyword databases, while the medical industry focuses on Extension of medical terms.

、 广告关键词库 2. Advertising keyword database

抱怨体 ,你需要整理这部分与企业契合度相关的关键词库,它要求内容短小、创造新词、产生情感共鸣。 The advertising keyword database is usually used for brand building. It consists of specific core words that describe the concept of a company and the characteristics of a product. It also has the responsibility of disseminating and attracting traffic, such as: once popular " Complaint body " , you need to organize this part of the keyword database related to corporate fit, it requires short content, create new words, and generate emotional resonance.

、 敏感关键词库 3 , sensitive keyword database

For a site, whether it is a forum or an independent blog, it needs to filter some banned keywords, especially the content of blog comments, otherwise it is likely to be blocked by regulatory agencies and degraded by search engines, which often pays off.

、 长尾关键词库和热门关键词库 4.Long tail keyword library and popular keyword library

According to the keyword index, the website keyword lexicon is divided into long-term keywords and popular keywords. These two parts are important reference objects for keyword optimization.


How did the website keyword library come from ?

名的关键词,关键词排名越好,关键词库关键词就越多,获得的流量就越多。 The website keyword database is a webmaster tool or a love station tool based on the index of the website and ranked in the top 50 keywords. The better the keyword ranking, the more keywords in the keyword library, and the more traffic it gets. These keywords are composed of core keywords and long tail keywords, so we must pay attention to keyword layout and website content quality.


How to build a keyword library ?

、搜集三类关键词 1. Collect three types of keywords

Keywords are generally divided into three categories: target keywords, long tail keywords, and brand keywords. Since keywords are collected, these three types of keywords are generally size-all-you-can-eat, but long-tail keywords are generally derived from keyword roots, so it is more correct to grasp the roots of keywords to expand .

There are many ways to expand keywords:

、百度下拉框,百度相关搜索挑选法,拓展深度3-4层即可; A. Baidu drop-down box, Baidu related search selection method, expand the depth of 3-4 layers;

、百度指数关键词工具的运用; B. Application of Baidu Index Keyword Tool;

、可参考百度竞价后台的推广工具关键词规划师,它可以精准的建立竞价关键词库,同样可以作为SEO排名的参考; C. You can refer to the Baidu bidding background promotion tool keyword planner, which can accurately build a bidding keyword database, which can also be used as a reference for SEO ranking;

、头脑风暴+集思广益+竞争对手研究; D. Brainstorming + brainstorming + research on competitors;

、关键词拓展工具,如金花和追词,包括站长工具和爱站网的关键词挖掘都可以用来拓展。 E. Keyword expansion tools such as Jinhua and Chase Words, including webmaster tools and keyword search of Aizhan.com, can be used for expansion.

There may be some other basic methods, which are not introduced here one by one. Here is a very practical keyword expansion method. The difference from the previous five methods is that this method can be automatically and infinitely expanded. It only requires that we follow Say, find enough roots. 表格,将关键词词根进行横向纵向的排列,然后将这些词进行单组,双组,乃至多组的自由组合,当然这个可以用函数搞定,拓展起来非常之快,可能只需要几分钟即可,思路有了,大家可以自行操作操作。 The specific idea is to build an excl table, arrange the keyword roots horizontally and vertically, and then group these words into single groups, double groups, or even multiple groups. Of course, this can be done with functions, which can be expanded very quickly. It only takes a few minutes, the idea is there, and everyone can operate it by themselves.

、筛选优质关键词的标准 2. Criteria for screening high-quality keywords

官方一点的说法就是能够带来精准客户流量,却又花费最少成本的关键词,不一定要是搜索量最高的关键词,不一定要是绝对的转化关键词。 What are high-quality keywords ? The official statement is that keywords that can bring precise customer traffic, but cost the least, do not have to be the keywords with the highest search volume, not necessarily the absolute conversion keywords. This is a bit vain, because we still don't have a clear standard.

厂家”“价格”“十大品牌 ,或者疑问形式的,如哪家好”“去哪玩都是比较有高意向的关键词,这类词作为后缀进行拓展或许会有很多意想不到的爆发式效果,但是得注意一个前提,量一定要上来,没有量,这些词的流量可能就太微不足道了。 In addition, the general keywords are followed by " manufacturer ", " price ", " top ten brands " , or in the form of questions, such as " Which one is good " and " Where to play " are keywords with high intentions. Expansion may have many unexpected explosive effects, but you must pay attention to a premise, the amount must be up, without the amount, the traffic of these words may be too trivial.

、测试关键词的流量、点击和转化 3. Test keyword traffic, clicks and conversions

联系我们作为一个转化,这一点网上已经有很多教程,我就不过多的班门弄斧。 In fact, the conversion of quantified keywords often makes many friends feel distressed, because everyone has a headache about the standard of quantification. We don't need it here because there are too many quantifications. For example, the amount of user registration as a conversion, and the amount of user purchase as For a conversion, the user clicks on the company " contact us " as a conversion. At this point, there are already many tutorials on the Internet.

What I want to say here is to pay attention to the keyword traffic and clickstream when testing. If you can analyze the traffic and clickstream searched by each user, combined, you may be able to understand some of the user's search intentions. .

苹果 ,百度会根据搜索绝大多数搜索这个人的意图来推荐信息,大家可以看一下百度的搜索结果,排名前三的分别是苹果电子产品的官网,苹果百科,苹果相关视频,这说明搜索这个词的用户最大的需求是对苹果电子产品了解和需求,至于想了解水果苹果行情的可能就相对来说少很多。 For example, Baidu recommends webpages in this way. For example, if you search for " Apple " in Baidu, Baidu will recommend information based on the intent of most people searching for this person. You can look at the search results of Baidu. The official website of electronic products, Apple Encyclopedia, and Apple-related videos, which shows that the biggest demand of users searching for this term is to understand and demand Apple's electronic products. As for the fruit and apple market, it may be relatively less. In this way, research on user intent can make useful information recommendations for our users in a targeted manner, so that users can quickly find the information they want.

、关键词分类规库 4.Keyword classification library

Keyword classification and classification is a relatively important task. Here we are very important for the keywords collected, so the dimensions of keyword classification may be more detailed. Of course, these are just a rough idea.

How to increase the website keyword library ?

、筛选关键词 1. Filter keywords

的关键词来做,并且是长尾关键词,越核心的关键词指数越大,就越难有优化排名,一定要多筛选长尾关键词。 This filtering keyword is different from the layout website filtering keyword. You need to choose keywords with an index lower than 100 and they are long-tail keywords. The more core the keyword index is, the harder it is to have an optimized ranking. Filter more long-tail keywords.

、优化栏目页与分类页关键词 2. Optimize section and category keywords

There are many pages on the website. In addition to the homepage, product details page, and information details page, there are also many page pages and category pages. These pages have a high weight and layout of some keywords that are not highly competitive, which is more conducive to the homepage. Websites have more keyword rankings.

、围绕关键词发布原创文章 3.Publish original articles around keywords

The article itself can be used for long-tail keyword optimization. When writing an article, the keywords are integrated into the title and the content of the article. According to the article optimization rules, not only can be quickly included by Baidu, but also good. Ranking.

、文章关键词上加锚文本 4. Anchor text on article keywords

I have been emphasizing the need for import and export links inside the article. If these links do not exist, the spider will consider this to be a final page, and it will not crawl down to crawl, which is not conducive to website inclusion and keyword ranking, so you must do a good job Keyword anchor links to improve the internal links of the website.

Summary: You can see a result of website optimization through the keyword library of the website. The fewer keyword libraries indicate that the optimization direction is wrong, you must adjust the optimization strategy in time. Keywords are the result of a long-term optimization, and they don't come up in a few days. You need to keep doing keyword optimization to increase the number of keywords in the keyword database. The keyword thesaurus has a positive guiding role for website content construction and brand creation. It specifies directions for content creation and external chain construction, saves resources, and improves work efficiency. The rational establishment of the website keyword library and the continuous increase of the keyword dictionary is an important indicator of the long-term operation of the website. It can maintain the vitality of the website and improve the search engine friendliness and trust rating.


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